where did it end? How The Santa Fe Trail was accidentally discovered In 1821, Mexico won its independence from Spain, and Missouri became a state. Becknell was a merchant and landowner who worked for the Missouri-based sons of Daniel Boone, managed and eventually purchased their saltworks operation (located very near the trailhead) and had gone into debt in his campaign to run for the Missouri Legislature. Enjoy your journey into the past, to the rich heritage of the Old Santa Fe Road. I am enjoying this and will be following along with you from beginning to end. Thanks! Joanne, thanks for the tip. The Jicarilla Apaches, who ranged from the upper Arkansas River southward to the Canadian River, crossing the Santa Fe Trail between Point of Rocks and Santa Clara Spring in New Mexico. To help you find your way, just follow the Santa Fe Trail Association’s GEOTOUR! Read about Trail history, view markers, take a auto tour and view photos of important landmarks along the length of the Trail. The next place we are heading for on our tour of the trail is Ralphs Ruts. Both have their own special sites and significance to the trail, and it really depends on the time of year you’re traveling and what your interests are. Motivated to pay off his debtors and avoid jail time, his party left in late September of 1821 and were the first traders to arrive in Santa Fe on November 16. The answer is: New Mexico. So sit back, take a slow breath, and consider the pace set by the old trail day Covered Wagons. The decline of the Santa Fe Trail started in 1863 with the westward expansion of the Kansas Pacific Railroad from Wyandotte, Kansas (USDOI 1976). After the Mexican and American war in 1849 mass immigration started again. The Santa Fe Trail got its start in 1821, with an advertisement in the Missouri Intelligencer by William Becknell, seeking men willing to join and invest in a trading expedition to the west. Drew, the lower Cimarron route was the first taken by Becknell’s party and did not have adequate water sources. Explanation: The Santa Fe Trail was a famous 19th century transport route that ran through the center of North America, connecting the cities of Independence (now Missouri) and Santa Fe (now New Mexico) along some 1,400 km of arid prairies, deserts and mountains. We now have our new list of Oval Santa Fe Trail Signs with many photos of the signs posted on our site. in 1905 after the trail days, however it is a must-see, Columbia, Missouri — 30 minutes east of Boonville, a large college town with ample lodging and dining options. We've tried to make our site simple, no special programs or registration is required to view our site other then the browser or smart phone of your choice. Some 9 miles West of town the Santa Fe trail ruts are still visible. At first, it was an international trade route between the United States and Mexico. Happy travels to all. Article to come! It was used extensively by traders, freighters, those headed to Pikes Peak, and the military from its survey by the federal government in 1825 until the 1870s. Also a page of just Odd News and Photos. The Santa Fe Trail was a 19th-century transportation route that connected Franklin, Missouri with Santa Fe, New Mexico. At Dodge City, you will cross the Arkansas River, taking US 56, heading for a place called Wagon Bed Spring on the Cimarron River. After all these years of weather and erosion, towns and cities being established, highways and railroads coming through, what sites are still there to see? They may have access to Old Franklin photos or know of an archive to check. The next stop on the trail from Franklin is Arrow Rock, Missouri, a village seemingly unchanged since the early 1800s, and one of the most popular destinations on the SFT. At Gardner, Kansas you'll find where Two Trails Split the Santa Fe and Oregon Trail. It also served as the 1846 U.S. invasion route of New Mexico during the Mexican-American war. THE EARLY ROUTE 1822-1846 (The basic route was the same from 1822 to 1846) The dotted line below represents the border between Mexico and the US prior to 1846. Definition: The Santa Fe Trail was one of America's great trade routes, used as a commercial, military and emigrant trail from 1821 until 1880, when it was replaced by the railroad. And you feel it when you stand on The Spot where it all began …. More recently, in the Great Flood of 1993, the Santa Fe Trail marker washed away, and has since been replaced as shown above. In a subplot, J. E. B. Stuart and George Armstrong Custer compete for the hand of Kit Carson Holliday. By the 1830s, however, Independence became the favorite jumping off place for people traveling to Santa Fe. We've divided it into sections, with links at the top to take you to each section. It provides gps coordinates for 73 sites along the Santa Fe National Historic Trail, where you will find not only a historic site, but also a cache with some swag to trade out. "Auto Tour's of the Santa Fe Trail" WHAT WE FOUND THERE The Santa Fe Trail connected Independence, … An internet search says the Santa Fe Trail "connected Independence, Missouri, with Santa Fe, New Mexico." That’s because the town was founded in 1816 on the banks of the Missouri River in a flood plain, and later in 1827-28 the town washed away in a devastating flood. Find out how the Santa Fe Trail got started and how it changed in this lesson. US 60 & US 24 from Franklin Missouri to Kansas City, Kansas, take I-35 from the Missouri/Kansas line to Gardner, Kansas. Steve, it came as a total surprise and now is our favorite drive from The SW to the Midwest. On this trail unlike the Oregon trail, there was a serious danger of Native American attacks, for neither the Comanches nor the … Thanks! Boonville is about equidistant between the major airports of St. Louis and Kansas City, and nearby Columbia has an airport with limited commuter service to St. Louis. The northern Mountain Route was established later and takes longer but there are better water sources. …a frontier town on the Santa Fe Trail, the rendezvous of picturesque characters, the centre of freight lines, and the headquarters of the cattle business. Material from these pages may be used with prior written consent from the webmaster only! And this fortuitous opportunity happened because prior to Becknell leaving on his 900+ mile trek, Mexico had just defeated the Spanish winning its independence on September 27 and lifting the Spanish ban on outside trade. The Santa Fe Trail started in Franklin Missouri, and ended in Santa Fe New Mexico. ", Santa Fe Trail Research Site The Santa Fe trail was the southern trail. Let us know if you like or dislike it! One of America’s most popular tourist destinations, Santa Fe is a great place to begin this journey because here, neither heritage nor culture has been forgotten.

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